Here is a Super Duper Tip for Suppressing that Annoying Cough using a Simple Acupressure Technique.  More videos are available on the Youtube channel and on Blogspot. (A new Blog Platform is in the making – stay tuned)


Learn to Press Your Points instead of Pushing Your Buttons. This enlightening and educational seminar is packed full of simple needle-less acupoint techniques to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
Can’t sleep at night?
Don’t take a sleeping pill that will leave you groggy for the next morning’s business meeting. Learn the acupoints that help you to drift off to sleep naturally.
Feeling a bit muddled and can’t think clearly?
Learn how to activate your brainpower.
Simply exhausted and need to perk up for the next meeting?
Don’t use another cup of coffee and get an acid stomach and all jittery.
Learn the acupoints for overcoming exhaustion in a pinch.
Rocks in your shoulders or tension in your neck?
Learn the acupoints that can relieve muscular tension and stiff necks.
Feeling nervous?
Learn the acupoints that calm and soothe the nerves.
Struggling with addictive behaviors or blue moods?
Learn acupoints to help you control your cravings.
Do you have pain, concentration problems, or feel tired or frazzled?


From the urban business landscape to the exotic Peruvian jungle Patricia Gilmore captures audiences while sharing powerful techniques for feeling and being the very best. As a practitioner, international speaker, and CEO of PAWHA Patricia not only uses powerful techniques she brings them to the rainforest.



Patricia – I understand that you are an international speaker but what is it that you actually speak about?

To answer your question, what I do is I give people techniques to tap into their own mental and physical energy so that they can operate at peak performance.

That sounds very interesting. I must ask how do you do that?

I do that by showing people how, without pills and potions, they can relieve themselves of many uncomfortable symptoms that hinder them from reaching optimum levels of achievement. I show them simple, easy-to-use techniques that open up their brain centers to think and feel better and how to utilize the power of their own mind to be more creative and successful.

Specifically how?

I practice and teach both the uses of eastern acupoint therapies and western mind science. I am board certified in both. I operate a private practice outside of Boston and speak nationally and internationally often blending the two together depending on my client’s needs.

In the business arena, my focus is on using acupoints and brain/thought techniques to combat the symptoms manifested by leading busy modern-day lives. The skills are not simply de-stress techniques, many are wake-em-up “tricks of the trade” to keep performing through crunch time without going to the pharmacy or to Starbucks for a double-strength jumbo coffee.

Acu-techniques are so powerful and yet so simple to use. They require no equipment, no medications, no needles, and no tools. All you need is your hands and the knowledge of how to use them. I give people the knowledge. These techniques are so beneficial and completely at no cost.

As CEO and founder of the not-for-profit Pan American Whole Health Alliance, one of my passions is bringing these techniques into poor rural areas throughout the Americas. We are currently taking expedition teams into the rainforest to teach the village women along the Amazon river how to use these techniques to care better for themselves and their families. These people have no shoes on their feet or walls on their homes much less access to western pharmaceuticals which often just relieve a symptom rather than the cause of the problem. As I am not fluent in Spanish and need to teach by demonstration and with the help of a translator, these techniques truly must be simple to learn and they are.

This is all outside of my regular private practice and active speaking career. I am one of those type A’s myself which makes me uniquely qualified to speak and relate to those in the high-powered business world which incidentally I once occupied myself. I have a tendency to go, go, go. These techniques keep me shining even when jet-lagged, missing luggage, or after a several-mile steamy jungle hike. I would have burned myself out long ago if I did not have this knowledge. Now I go like the Energizer Bunny and I still enjoy a fine filet and full-bodied cabernet.

Fascinating. These techniques that you share, are they new?

None of this is new to the world nor is it “new-age.” It has been used in the Eastern Hemisphere for centuries. It is the basis of the healthcare system for 10’s of millions of people. It just so happens those millions of people are on the “other” side of the planet and until recently we have not shared much information. The world is now shrinking as the information age explodes. It has now become time to bring the eastern knowledge over to the Western Hemisphere, to join in a global knowledge network so that we might all reap the benefits, both in health and in personal achievement.

Imagine relieving your headache with a pressure point on your hand. It sounds fantastic but it does work. It just isn’t in our western repertoire. We have been trained and taught to go to the pill vial for relief. The problem is the drug must leave our body some way, through the liver, and can cause damage along the way. No one thinks clearly and does a good job when they hurt. In the past, you had two choices. You could take a pill or you could continue to be in pain and not think and perform at optimum levels. Now you have a choice. You can learn to press your points and not push your buttons.

Nice way to put it. What other ways can your techniques increase performance?

Actually, I could speak for hours (and do) on which points do what and why but let me give you a quick example.

Have you ever had a problem sleeping the night before an important early morning meeting? You toss and turn unable to sleep, looking at the clock and saying to yourself, “I HAVE to get to sleep or I won’t perform well tomorrow.” Maybe you eventually break down and take a sleep aid. Then what happens in the morning? You are groggy and dopey and you don’t perform well. I believe this is called a Catch-22. If you had known where the points were to induce sleep then you could have gotten to sleep safely and without a pill and the inevitable hangover grog.

These are the types of acupoints that I teach business people in the United States. Jungle villagers tend not to have a problem sleeping. Their concerns are more based in physical pain and digestion and/or respiratory problems so I demonstrate different sets of points to meet their concerns just as I listen to my audiences in the urban jungles of the US and tailor programs specifically to address their unique needs.

Patricia, I really want to thank you for talking with me today. Before we end would you please list a few other things that your techniques address?

Of course – the list is long but here are a few:

You can activate your brainpower with an easy-to-find acupoint on your ear.

You can relieve nausea and motion sickness with the same point that relieves indigestion after one of those business dinners. It also can be used to quell the anxiety that often comes before a presentation to a crowd. I have used this one on others on the airplane to help them over the anxiety experienced in take-off and landing.

You can wake up your body while sitting still. There is a point that can get your cardio system pumping as if you were working out. I call it the exhaustion point. This point I show to everyone that has to sit in meetings without yawning.

There are points to boost your mood by raising serotonin levels. When levels are raised it also helps with pain relief and addictive behaviors such as over-eating and smoking.

Especially helpful are the points for sinus congestion. This is very important if you need to fly. Speaking of flying, plane trips of which I now take many, usually leave me with stiff shoulders and a tight neck. There are points to get the rocks out and free up the motion once again.

I am kidded that I could hold private practice in the air simply by walking up and down the aisles of the plane taking cases. There are always stiff necks, stuffed-up heads, sore throats or coughing from the dry air, anxiety, fear of flying, and more. But the one that is the joke in the office is how I could make a small fortune in donations from all the passengers using a simple pressure point that can calm a cranky child. On an airplane, that skill elevates me from passenger to goddess level.

Wow – I am just thinking how many different bottles of pills I would have to have to relieve those aches and pains and other symptoms. That’s wonderful. And all you need to do is to learn where the points are and have a free hand?

Exactly. It’s simple and it’s easy and you have the tools literally at your fingertips because they are your fingertips.

How can people get in contact with you for more information, your availability, your rates, etc.?

My offices are in the Boston and Providence areas and I travel and speak internationally.